Latest Prints Collection

November 18, 2016

Added a new collection called "Latest Prints", just in case you don't feel like wandering around images you've already seen before to find new prints added to the site. Images will stay here for a few weeks and then be moved to the appropriate category. So feel free to bookmark this collection if your interested in just seeing new prints that we release. I hope to be added many new prints in the coming months.

Regarding this latest print:

I took this latest image in 2012 on Lockwood Drive, about 3 minutes from my home. I've shot this location a few times as it's a skip and a hop from clearing storms and can yield quite amazing views when the time is just right. It was a wet year that year. I didn't know at the time that it was one of the wettest years I would have see in the last 4 years or so up here on Corral Canyon. Seemed like every week there was a dramatic passing storm, at least that is what I recall of those years.  The year of the rainbows. 


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