New print: Aspens at Surveyors Meadow

November 30, 2016

   Last night I was browsing through a morning shoot I did at Surveyors Meadow in 2012 in the eastern Sierras. I came across a few images that stuck out to me. I hadn't really looked at these raw files since the day I took them so it was a nice surprise to revisit the moment. From what I recall about the shoot, it was early morning and I was using a telephoto lens. The scene was quite cluttered with autumn in full swing. There was quite the mix of trees in peek and past color so I was busy looking for small patterns in the distance that could stand alone. The sun was on it's way over the mountains at my back, but for now the rocks of the facing mountainside took on a morning blue sky glow which had a  nice contrast to the random but somewhat orderly pattern of aspens waiting in the early shade lining the slope in this image. 
    I wish I could say I just showed up and took 3 snaps, capturing perfectly the moment I intended...  but for me personally it isn't that easy most of the time. It's more of a process... brainstorming a scene.. where I slowly dial in my idea through various shots and cropping trying to quiet my mind and realize the moment for what it is. The awareness of distractions is a powerful thing, hard to learn, hard to teach... one day it simply is present in the process. It's a notion... I don't have the answer and I'm hardly a master to teach you. But awareness in the drug you seek, a simple awareness to say "What Am I photographing" and "does this image I'm about to take WORK" or should I move on. These are simple questions that become more and more routine in my mind. Easier said than done I believe, particularly in the frantic and ever changing throws of light we photographers chase. I thought this image was one of the select few in the lot that day that had an appealing mix of patterns and light. A slight balance if you will to my very personal liking on this chilly day in December 2016.

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