New Print. Happy Holidays

December 02, 2016

An image from 2012. I thought a tree was in order for the holidays.. a tree with natural lights. 

Regarding this image: It was shot with a 400mm lens on a tripod. It wan't a frantic chasing the light kinda moment. More of quiet sit and wait. It was autumn and the trees did most of the work. Found me a nice stretch of colored aspens and simply waited for the sun to finally peek out over the tall mountainside directly behind this tree. In a few seconds the light struck the darkness and this tree started glowing. Minutes later the entire scene was flooded in light. But for a very brief moment... as life would have it no other way... this tree had it's moment in the sunshine. The only thing seen glowing in the darkness. I'm certain there is a lesson in all that.. hint hint. Happy holidays. 

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