Pacheco Fine Art Prints - Websites Update

July 31, 2020

Pacheco Fine Art Prints - Websites Update

As some of you may have noticed, this website has been going through some changes. In the coming months there will be a flood of new prints available and I've also been working on releasing all prints as greeting card, something I've been putting of for many years. There is also a new website which will focus more on the "Pacheco Photography" aspect of these prints and my travels.

It's a lot of work and I just started the process. Just kinda stay tuned and check back once and a while if you like. I'll update everyone when some of the changes are finalized as new prints start appearing. Like many photographers, I have many images I've taken over the last decade or so that have simply sat on hard drives and it's rather exciting to start to release them for print. It's been a while and I've been away from the "Website" working on music and other little things that make my heart sing. But it's good to be back dreaming about the hillsides and the light again and peeking in old doors. Like old friends.

I've begun editing the next episodes of "12 moons over paradise" a well, and filming has begun on the final 6. More on that in the coming months.

Thanks for sticking around. Hope you like some of the new prints. 

-me still

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