Christmas Surprise


Location: Malibu Pier, Malibu  Ca

"Around Christmas time in Southern California we get our share of winter storms. It’s about that time that I put my marine layer travels far behind me and venture to the coast once again. After a long spring and summer of fog, it’s nice to see the sun setting over the water again. By the time of Christmas bells and pine tree candles the sun is now on its slow journey back to setting into the Santa Monica mountains, how boring, but I have a few months of cold weather and stormy surprises ahead of me for sure and that seems to put a real skip to my step. I was living in the city when I took this image, back then I would have to wake up fairly early in the morning to catch the morning light in Malibu…ahhh, the old flash of my green screaming alarm clock numbers and my 15 dollar Mr. Coffee maker….  Pleasantly distant memories now… like the pursuit of mattering music and red sox glory…. today the ocean is minutes away and my googly eyes as googly as ever. It was the day after Christmas and not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Some strange colors happen here in the wintery months for sure, wild pastels and ghostly clouds have been seen dancing in pacific skies like floating dreamscapes. I’ve watched quite a few in awe, but on this day, the purple skies did reign supreme. Oh, I remember it well, the purple that is… it was everywhere. It was a wonderful late Christmas gift surprise on a cold lonely morning in December that seemed to last forever. It also just so happen to be a significant time in my life when quite suddenly and unexpectedly, love found its way to me. The greatest gift of all. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.  Stay purple sunshine pants. Love grows everything. I promise" -pacheco

Date: 12-26-2009
Time: 07:55:51 AM
Camera and lens info: S8 F22. 24MM

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This image is also available as a poster.

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