Creek Oak


Location: Malibu Creek State Park, Malibu  Ca

"One day in January, after a morning sunrise at a special little spot on the pacific, I found myself driving thru the closing fog on Las Virgenes road in Malibu California. Every once and a while, around a bend or two, thru the squiggly oaks and dry winter brush, I could see off into the forest of Malibu Creek state park. With each twist and turn a new set of compositions flashed before my eyes and nearly sent me off the road a time or two. So, the safe driver that I am, I pulled of the side of the road, gathered my equipment,  and ventured off into the woods along the first long and vanishing trail I could find. The spookier the better I always say. As I walked in the chilly January mist, the marine layer swayed in and out like a ghostly tide, settling to thick dense fog one second only to lift in the next. Faint shimmering oaks would appear as if from nowhere like pot brownie hallucinations. Towering black creepy beasts visible for a brief moment then fading into the nether the next. How handsome. Surely they’re waiting for me to pass a little to close so that they might snatch me up for good. Oh dear! I had the wonderful opportunity to snap a lucky image of one of these creatures before the sweeping mist hide her for good.  When the fog did clear moments later… she was gone… or perhaps I just imagined the whole thing. Either way, I now have this tender morsel of digital ones and zeros, in my ever growing portfolio of foggy oak creatures of the Malibu Creek forest." -pacheco

Date: 01-24-2010
Time: 10:11:36 AM
Camera and lens info: S25 F22. 24MM

All Open Edition and Limited Edition prints are hand signed by the artist and presented on ultra 10mill Resin-Coated (RC) high gloss metallic photo paper coated with Epson Ultrachrome HDR pigment inks. Shipping and Tax is not included in price.

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This image is available as a poster.


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