Jupiter Shack


Location: Lee Vining, Ca

   "What can I say about this image… It’s one of my Simi-luckiest moments ever.  Lucky because I passed up a sunrise at Mono lake this very morning for a well scouted full moon-set behind my favorite little subject in the eastern sierras. A strange and beautiful cosmically stunning structure I aptly named “The Jupiter Shack”. Rainbows are tricky business. Most of the time they leave you scrambling for foreground compositions. Hardly ever, especially with full arch, do they pop up directly over your subject for the day. Leaves you wondering about Mrs. luck and her intertwined relationship with fate and destiny. You could spend a lifetime chasing a moment like this and never catch it. It’s for this reason I treasure it. The fact I got to share it with my love is another story . And the story goes:

Early Sunday morning.... after a few days of wandering the eastern sierra's.... a small black car pulled to the side of the road along the 395 highway in Lee Vining CA, just before the familiar Route 120 turnoff to South Tufa. A single shadowy figure strolled thru the moonlit darkness with purpose, carrying his light recording instrumentation like some sort of crazy scientist. He obviously came to capture the moon set as it slowly but surely began to inch its way down into the hovering cloud base perched now directly over the eastern sierra ridge. The storm that just recently tore thru the mid-west and all across the United States this week was just now reaching this shack, his shack, down from the arctic... gracefully sprinkling ice crystals across the mountain tops and down onto the Lee Vining valley. Like two old friends, not a word is spoken. In the distance a small light in his car can be seen, if you look close you might see someone putting make-up on :), it's a strange day indeed. As the hours passed and the moon sunk below the cloud base, his flash light paint brush slowly lost its magic power as the awakening light from the rising sun at his back quietly began to illuminate the scene. Drizzles came and went and for hours he waited with his love... Documenting the moment precisely at given intervals.... a snap here and a snap there should do. As he lay perched with his wide angle directly in front of this beautiful shack somewhere lost inside the shrubbery stalks... quietly composing and totally present…. Until she said:

(3 Hours have now passed)

Earthshaker: "Mizzy, I'm ready to go."

Mizzy: "Okay babe, you ready?"
(pause, he looks around once again, quietly contemplating whether he made the right choice or not, hmmmm... his eyes fixated on the clouds and sun directly behind him in the direction of South Tufa and the Mono Lake Basin... a slight smile crosses his face.)

Mizzy: "... just one minute Babe, I'm waitin to see whats gonna happen when the sun shines thru those clouds behind us."
(quietly and with complete focus and purpose he dives back into the world of his viewfinder...as the foreground begins to lighten from direct sun rays who, after hours of trying, have finally reached a hole in the clouds at his back and are suddenly finding the earth at this exact place and time.)

Earthshaker: "Babe! BABE!" LOOK! A RAINBOW"

(from his quiet and controlled composure.... he looks up into the sky, grinning as usual, he moves quickly like drunky the clown, or perhaps like a ninja in his first years of training, clumsily kicking and fumbling his way backward over the brush until the beauty of the fully arched rainbow, which lasted all but 4 minutes was in his full frame. Enough time precisely for about 10 snaps or so... each a bit less brilliant as the absolute first. And then it was gone.)

Mizzy: "Ok, Babe. I'm ready to go." -pacheco

Note: Rainbow lasted 4 minutes, based on time stamps retrieved from my RAW images.

Date: 10-23-2010
Time: 08:16:23 AM
Camera and lens info: S125 F22. 17MM

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