Shark Tooth


Location: Malibu Pier, Malibu Ca

"On the tail end of a freakish spring storm, I found myself at the Malibu Pier at sunrise.  Normally on a sunrise adventure at this location I would hover around the right side of the pier to catch the sunrise over the docks, especially in the spring months when the sun is still breaking over the pacific horizon, unobscured by the Santa Monica mountain range. But on this day the sky was absolutely clear in the eastern direction….. there was however, floating in the western sky… the most amazing stretch of bizarre cloud formations left over from a crazy spring storm that had pounded the pacific shoreline in the few days prior to this moment. So, for once, I decided to go LEFT. It didn’t take a genius to see that as soon as that sun crept over the horizon, without a cloud in the sky there, it would act like a flashlight on the western sky, illuminating it in the most graceful and dramatic of fashions. So I waited…. And soon enough…. The light came. For the first hour or so, I do believe I was bound by my trusty tripod. But as the morning light painted the scene more and more… I released myself from her clumsy grip and proceeded to fire away hand held. A lesson frequently learned from my girl, who can’t be bothered with tripods most of the time J I was struck by this particular rock creeping from the sand like a shark fin. Its green mossy flesh glimmered in the sharp golden light. As much a fan as I am of the colored rendition of this image, this black and white conversion really helped emphasized the stormy moment and the distinct triangular shape of the shark finned rock. On a side note: It’s no secret amongst my friends that I’m not a big fan of sharks J How ironic." -pacheco

Date: 07-19-2012
Time: 06:21:18 AM
Camera and Lens setting: S640 F11 17MM

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