Super Dume


Location: Point Dume, Malibu  Ca

   "I love the moon, ok, there I’ve said it. I watch the moon like most people watch network television. Mapping out, planning for and doing my best to predict full moonset and moonrise locations is a way of life for me. It’s a goal of mine to capture a full 400mm moonrise and moonset in all of my favorite locations around southern California. Couple that with my learned ability to forecast the weather and predict colored skies and who knows, if this photograph thing doesn’t work out, you just might see me as the next KTLA weather man. I’m just kidding. It’s moonbeams or bust. So, without further ado… I present “Super Dume” the super moonrise of 2012 as it crept over the rocky cliffs of Little Point Dume at sunset. I scouted this moonrise for months and I even missed an opportunity or two in the years past for various reasons, but on this day, things worked out and I lay in waiting under a clear blue warm spring sky hoping for the best. You only have a small window of opportunity for capturing the exposure of a glowing full moonrise. That special moment when the brightening moon and darkening surrounding sky meet in a tonal range capable of being recorded within your cameras dynamic light range sensor, in one single lifesaving snap is possible. Woe.  That was a mouthful. The other dilemma that most people face in shooting a moonrise landscape is the size of the moon in the frame. I used my 200MM lens for this image, set to 126MM. For that reason, I purposefully perched it on a tripod as far back on the sandy shoreline as I could get without actually ascending the hillside at my back, so that I could zoom in and accentuate the size of the moon in relation to the cliff face. It’s a dramatic effect that comes in handy for shooting moon landscapes. I planned this picture well in advance, imagining my foreground subject far enough away from me and my camera, but still in the path of the rising moon and my viewfinders picture window. That allowed me to zoom into the foreground element, thereby increasing the size of the moon as it crossed that magic tonal range of my camera, perfectly timed with a lucky unplanned wave crash or two of course. Are you still with me? A bunch of things have to happen in a tiny windows time to get an image like this in camera in one snap. It takes a bit more planning, but the results are definitely worth it. Proof here, in this long winded but rare portrait, of the Super Moonrise at my Little Point Dume." -pacheco

Date: 05-05-2012
Time: 07:50:21 PM
Camera and lens info: S2.5 F32. 126MM

All Open Edition and Limited Edition prints are hand signed by the artist and presented on ultra 10mill Resin-Coated (RC) high gloss metallic photo paper coated with Epson Ultrachrome HDR pigment inks. Shipping and Tax is not included in price.

Only 25 prints will be made in the "LIMITED EDITION" size, with no exceptions. More details regarding limited edition prints can be found HERE.

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This image is also available as a poster.


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