Little Nuclear Dume


Location: Point Dume State Park, Malibu Ca

"Sunrise at little Dume. It had been a while…. I remember… since I saw the big event…. You know, “The big red one” as I often refer to it. When all that radar watching and long drives in the morning darkness, only to end in grey skies and fully charged camera batteries, pays off. And this day it sure did pay off. This happens to be one of my favorite locations on the planet to watch the sunrise. Just about year round you can catch the sun peek over the pacific waters of Malibu here at “Little Dume”, a quiet cove on the left side of Point Dume State park. Considering the time it takes to walk to this location, quite often I travel in the dark hours of the morning light. Creeping down the long and windy road to this prehistoric shoreline well before the sun, to be absolutely sure I’m present and prepared for even the slightest possibility of a moment like this. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last. I’ve shot the sunrise here 50 or 60 times I imagine, but never have I seen such an explosion of color and textures as this moment presented. All enhanced and exaggerated of course by the mirror like reflections cast in a perfectly low enough and flat enough windless tide swell. I was in somewhat of a drunken state as it happened, but ever mindful enough to make sure I was capturing the grandness of the moment in full panoramic camera sweeps… like a strange visiting robot from outer space might do …. scanning the area with laser beam eyes… left to right and back again. It came and went in a flash. And I was left standing there like I had seen a ghost. I remember a couple walked by me a few minutes after it had settled down, I could hardly wipe the grin from my face…. I think I said in their direction, in a dazed and confused kind of mumble, my eyes still fixated on the memory of what just happened… “Wow”. I image we all looked like sun zombies at that moment… intoxicated on light waves with a slight twist of sea mist…. It’s not often that I protect my camera and compact flash cards like they were made of solid gold and backup images the very second I arrive home, but I did on this day. Yes, I’ve learned the hard way.
PS Everyone could use a little Nuclear Dume from time to time. "-pacheco

Fact: Point Dume was named by George Vancouver in 1793 in honor of Padre Francisco Dumetz of Mission San Buenaventura. The name was misspelled as "Dume" on Vancouver's map and has never been corrected.

Date: 01-02-2011
Time: 07:59:26 AM
Camera and lens info: S1.6 F18. 17MM

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