Location: North Lake, Bishop Ca

   "From bishop it’s a long and steep drive up the never ending route 168 to the North Lake turn off. A treacherous gravel road, especially in early morning dark winter months, that just might have you thinking “what the hell am I doing!” Come early fall, you’re sure to see me there at least once or twice, wandering the tall grassy trails in lifting darkness along the water’s edge, soon to be nestled in on the chilly banks of the lake, tripod perched in the muddy ice crystal muck, wide eyed and waiting for the colored spectacle of fall whoopla to commence. Some years are more colorful and colder than others, as my toes can surely attest too. This particular image was taken just after one of the most amazing sunrise light shows I have ever witnessed. 20 minutes or so, after a crazy unexpected laser beam light drifted across this rainbow ridge of colored leaves, the valley was softly illuminated in a quiet zen like moment. Just before I ventured into this grove or three, I snapped a full panoramic image of this incredible colored line of aspens… each a bit more advanced in their journey to the realm of the wintery unknown. Red to the left, a yellow center and finally an orange groove to the right made for quite the fall image. Aspens propagate primarily through root sprouts, and extensive clonal colonies are common. Each colony is its own clone, and all trees in the clone have identical characteristics and share a single root structure. All trees in a given clonal colony are considered part of the same organism. How fascinating. I like to image this image as three old friends, dressing up for a winter party in the woods…. That I just so happened to stumble upon. Party on" -pacheco

Date: 01-24-2010
Time: 10:35:09 AM
Camera and lens info: S.8 F22. 28MM

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