Acrylic Face Mount Info (AFM)

  Acrylic Face Mounting is a process of bonding the face of the photograph to a sheet of clear 1/8 acrylic with an optical adhesive, the face of the photograph is literally bonded to the acrylic to create an airtight and seamless appearance. The adhesive is acid free and features UV absorbers to protect the image from fading over time. Finally the image is back mounted to a piece of 1/8 Dibond aluminum to protect the image from any warping over time. Combined with the metallic paper, this presentation results in a seemingly sharper image, with more intense and brilliant color. Finally a wooden back frame is mounted to the aluminum for hanging, creating a space between the art and the wall, giving the impression that the image is floating in the air. This presentation, if properly cleaned and cared for, will last a lifetime. Acrylic face Mounted pieces ship ready to hang. No additional assembly is required.

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