Words from the artist

I've spent countless hours for well over a decade trying to capture rare and unique moments of moving light on landscapes. These are real moments, real snaps, real moons, real rainbows and real skies. Each print is a performance of a memory for me. From ocean mist, to digital data, these images are but a fraction of what really occurred on those fateful days and nights. Hardly have I created the true drama of these happenings to their fullest extent, though I've tried many a night to do that exact thing, and so the margin of error decreases with time. I often marvel at the mastery of nature herself to wield such drama on such short notice and in such great fashion. I however seem to march defiantly at a snails pace in my digital darkroom to bring back, to the best of my humble and ever growing ability, these RAW moments, memories and happenings I've so graciously witnessed To a print that represents the memory. Not seen or felt is the sacrifices and failures that come with each moment you see here. The hours away from home. The unlifting fog or grey drama-less skies that all to frequently come along with such a passion in me to be ever present in the most dramatic and surprising of moments. My goal is to deliver the real. To sift thru the lost hours and pin point that special moment. Special because it's rare, special because it's no often seen, special because I've witnessed first hand just how special it was from countless hours and years of sitting in UNspecial moments waiting for these very things to occur. Consider these pinnacle momements as a reminder of your very own greatness. A reminder of your ever present power to surprise, view them as a reflection of those glorious triumphs and highlights of our very own aspiration quest...  and successes in this human experience. If it can be seen, so it can be achieved. These moments are proof if fact, that magic happens, if you just wait long enough.... i promise.... i know.... magic happens."

I'm not the first to race after falling light with my recorder and I'm quite sure I won't be the last...

"A true master of anything knows he's no master of anything." -me