Crayola Moonrise


Location: Lee Vining  Ca

   "But what to wondering eyes should appear... A moon! Ok, it really wasn’t a surprise. When chasing landscapes, I frequently plan, plan and plan again. It almost takes the fun out of what happens, almost. I scouted this moonrise moment, imagined it, dreamed about it…. so all that was really left was to be there and be lucky enough for a cloud or two. Well, I assure you, luck had its way with me on this night… in grand Crayola fashion.  This image was taken in 2009... there I was, standing in front of this moon, floating, along the salty water line of Mono Lake, in pure amazement as towering orange glowing lenticular zombies danced across the horizon line.  You couldn't wipe the smile from my face, trust me. Gazing wide eyed, in between 1 second mirror flips, at this strange sphere in the sky, as it crept in slow motion into an alien sky. The lake literally painted now with temporary crayons from outer space. Perhaps I would have another image or two, as there was much to see on this day, if only I could pull myself away from this glowing hypnotic moon. I took two trips to the eastern sierras in late 2009 for the fall foliage. It felt like I was at a photographer’s convention at this location... geshhh….  Must be a popular place… this “Mono Lake”. I can't imagine why. This was one of my favorite images from those trips. Captured under cold moon beam heavenly skies. What a rush. “Oh, What a night. Early October back in 09. I remember, OH, what a night.” -pacheco

Date: 10-03-2009
Time: 06:36:54 AM
Camera and lens info: S8 F22. 90MM

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