Eastern Sierra, California - "Twankley" Poster (Black Border)


Location: South Lake, Ca

   "Deep reds and softly lit blue trunks squiggled their way into my heart in this performance of Populus Tremuloides, also known as quaking aspens, of the Eastern Sierras. I propose, this is hardly an ordinary jumbled mess of squiggly branches. I see sugared leaves bitten by the cold autumn breeze and twankly trunks showing off the splendor of their years. I see autumn colors shimmering in the air like the flash from exploding fireworks on a warm summer night in July. I see soft ambient light falling from a clear blue mid-day sky quietly glowing on white magnetic aspen tree bark. "Ruff Ruff". I can imagine the rustling sway of aspen leaves brushing together in the wind, like dragonfly hiss on a summer pond; If I just close my eyes, I can almost hear the memory. It’s all such music to my ears. My imagination gets the best of me some days; after all I have an incredible sense of wonder. It’s not a far stretch for me to imagine these tree trunk knots as spooky eyes, whose sole purpose is to keep watch over the unseen trolls and ferries of this exact forest. Who, mind you, have gotten exceptionally good at their evolutionary task of being “unseen trolls and ferries of this exact forest”. In the distant darkness, perhaps twin eyes with lids closed await the coming of twilight and the birth of complete darkness so that this unseen world can awaken once again. This is my very own personal “Twankley” fairytale of course. In our perceived reality, and all too soon, while subjected to the frosty chill of the ever colder pacific breeze, these glowing reds will ever fade into burnt browns and holy curled and crackled shells of autumn. Ever to rest across a perfect sierra bed and finally to sleep through the long winter months under pillows of snowfall. Some days it all looks like a big mess to me... and some days it just makes so much sense. Look deep, and be sure to enjoy your very own fairytale." -pacheco

Date: 01-24-2010
Time: 10:35:09 AM
Camera and lens info: S.8 F22. 28MM

All Pacheco posters are printed on traditional matte surfaced poster paper. They measure 36 inches across on the longest end. The actual image measures 30 inches across the longest end with a 3 inch border all around the left, top and right sides and a 5 inch border on the bottom edge with “PACHECO” and “POSTER Title” printed directly below image. (As seen EXACTLY in the preview image.)

All posters are rolled and shipped in 4” by 44” protective tubes. Shipping is approximately $10.00 per order.

This image is also available as an OPEN and LIMITED edition Fine Art Print.

This image is also available with a WHITE border.


Category: Autumn, Red, Sierra, Trees

Type: Poster