Malibu Creek, California - "Malibu Creek" Poster (White Border)


Location: Malibu Creek State Park, Malibu  Ca

"There’s just something about a lone tree, completely isolated from her or his surroundings. I often wonder if a tree is happy. This particular creature stands or sits 100 feet or so from a well walked trail in the Malibu Creek State park. I’ve seen it a few times in the distance, but without the spooky veil of marine fog dressing it up here, it’s easily overlooked. I dread to think it is, more often than not and quite harmlessly I’m sure, simply dismissed as just another unmoving and lifeless thing of the earth. I was fortunate again to catch this fella in just the right amount of soft morning light and fog to halt me in my tracks and nudge me into the tall grasses for a closer look. Too much of either light or fog and I just might have walked on down the road…. as we all often do, hesitant to wait for that special moment that happens just about everywhere at some time or another. Rather we rush blindly by, passing those incredible, out of sink and possibly life altering moments. Tisk tisk my fellow light hunters. Go NOW and take a calm moment to watch a tree in quiet. You just might realize what it iz to be splendidly and quite simply human after all. Well, foggy pants, what are you waiting for." - pacheo

Date: 01-24-2010
Time: 10:35:09 AM
Camera and lens info: S.8 F22. 28MM


All Pacheco posters are printed on traditional matte surfaced poster paper. They measure 36 inches across on the longest end. The actual image measures 30 inches across the longest end with a 3 inch border all around the left, top and right sides and a 5 inch border on the bottom edge with “PACHECO” and “POSTER Title” printed directly below image. (As seen EXACTLY in the preview image.)

All posters are rolled and shipped in 4” by 44” protective tubes. Shipping is approximately $10.00 per order.

This image is also available as an OPEN and LIMITED edition Fine Art Print.

This poster is also available with a BLACK border as well.


Category: Black and White, Malibu, Malibu Creek, Sunrise, Trees

Type: Poster