Rainbow Woods


Location: Conway Ca

 "Last fall I shot Conway Summit for the first time. Conway Summit, for those who don’t know or who’ve never been, is a mountain pass in Mono County California which marks the highest peak along route 395. It’s a breathtaking view in the fall months when the overlooking valley is filled with groves of yellow orange and red aspens. Now, it’s easy enough to pull over to the side of the road and wait for the sunrise or sunset and snap a picture or two on route to Bridgeport or Bodie, but for those who truly seek adventure, you could hop over the highway guard rail and slide your way down the 50 foot slope into this enchanted forest and wander around the towering aspen grooves on a chilly morning such as this. If you’re really blessed perhaps a slight breeze might have you standing in a colored leaf rainstorm for the first time. And maybe, just maybe, untouched grassy fields littered with freshly fallen Crayola aspen leaves will have you thinking you’re in Willy Wonkas candy factory trudging through a candy cane forest of lollipop trunks. You know, I’ve heard the quietness is so profound there, that you can actually hear yourself think… amongst the Zen swoosh of leaves of course as they spiral and swirl on their southerly journey back to whence they came. And finally, at just the right time, if you’re truly a blessed creature of luck, you just might notice sun flares glimmering in the morning hours overhead as they cast stark shadows thru the fields like marching ghostly shadows all eternally linked by sunlight to their ever present white skeleton bodies.
Or you could just stay in your car and peek out the window. You figure it out." -pacheco

Date: 01-24-2010
Time: 10:35:09 AM
Camera and lens info: S.8 F22. 28MM

All Open Edition and Limited Edition prints are hand signed by the artist and presented on ultra 10mill Resin-Coated (RC) high gloss metallic photo paper coated with Epson Ultrachrome HDR pigment inks. Shipping and Tax is not included in price.

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