Santa Monica Pier, California - "Lucky Number 19" Poster (Black Border)


Location: Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica Ca

  "How wonderful that I decided to look out my window on this 13th Day of March 2010.
It was a Saturday night as I recall. Sitting in my quiet house lost in my computer screen mojo. In between mindless tasks I frequently check a live Point Dume webcam just before the sun sets each closing day to see what the cloud formations are looking like on the pacific. I am a cloud junkie after all. I had already spent the last few days shooting and I was ready for a few days off sifting thru raw images, you know, that “other” stuff that us photographers do. The mundane reorganizing of files…. The never ending refining of workflow…. It all sounds so exciting, doesn't it? Not. Well, as fate would have it, when I peeked at the ocean webcams.... WOWZATRON.... great unexpected conditions were brewing a few miles off the California coast.  On this particular night, I had just dismantled my old heavy metal tripod and was cleaning out her legs, you see my tripod legs love to eat sand...and after they eat sand they stop working… she’s a bit tired ya know... her legs aren’t what they used to be. After a few moments of drooling on the radar screen, I Quickly assembled her legs, cleaned up all camera glasses and was off to the pier in a flash as I had done many a time before. No traffic in sight, how wonderful. In 18 photographic trips to this place at that point in time, finally, I suspected this was the sunset I was waiting for. Slightly trotting to the pier as the last few moments of sunset approached, a very distinct line of dark clouds lay perfectly still hovering over the Pier as Mrs. Radar predicted… as I approached my location, crossing under the pier, to the left side…. The sun started to blink as it approached the horizon…. on and off as waves crashed under the dock obstructing it here and there like an SOS signal to my camera lens. Then the clouds lit…. the next 30 or 40 minutes were magic. This particular image, #9868, was an early snap, one amongst many, all equally beautiful in their own special and unique way. I intentionally hugged the wet sand with my camera lens on this snap and happily caught a wave as it rolled out, with just enough random sea suds on a untouched stretch of clean golden sand. Hardly ever repeated exactly like this moment ever again that night. It had been a while since I filled up a few SCAN DISK cards in one sitting :) To think, it all started with a simple look out my window on an ordinary Saturday afternoon. Try it someday." - pacheco

Date: 03-13-2010
Time: 07:07:14 PM
Camera and Lens setting: S1.6 F22 24MM

All Pacheco posters are printed on traditional matte surfaced poster paper. They measure 36 inches across on the longest end. The actual image measures 30 inches across the longest end with a 3 inch border all around the left, top and right sides and a 5 inch border on the bottom edge with “PACHECO” and “POSTER Title” printed directly below image. (As seen EXACTLY in the preview image.)

All posters are rolled and shipped in 4” by 44” protective tubes. Shipping is approximately $10.00 per order.

This image is also available as an OPEN and LIMITED edition Fine Art Print.

This poster is also available with a WHITE border as well.


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Type: Poster