Sierra Love


Location: June Lake,  Ca

   "I’ve been to the eastern sierras many times for the fall foliage spectacular. It’s a wonderful circus of leaf spotters and acrobatic photographers all looking for that strange, out of the norm, forest landscape that looks like it was colored by a two year old. It’s a lot of fun. Aspen trees put on quite the show up there and I treat the yearly trip or two as a decompression from the Los Angeles grind and that crazy hustle and bustle of it all. I’ve stood amidst many a different aspen grove in my years, some ablaze with bright reds and deep blood orange tones lit from sunset and some with heavenly yellows and surreal lime greens glowing from backlit mid-day sun. This simple image was one of two snaps, a light overexposed image to capture shadow detail on the dark side of the tree trunks, and a darker exposure to capture the direct sun spots on the colored leaves. My shutter was open longer than I particularly like to shoot moving leaves in fall; although I’m sure I had a solid reason for it. One would hope. Either way, I soon moved on to more seemingly dramatic compositions. It wasn’t until I was looking over the photographs from this trip a year or two later that I stumbled onto this quiet almost abstract frame of white bark and multi colored leaf patterns. It reminds me of a painting and it perfectly and rather surprisingly portrays that “thing” I’m looking for in a photograph. You see, It reminds me of that feeling I have when I’m there wandering thru the aspen groves. It’s a picture of a memory for me and I simply like to look at it and go there for a minute or two, once and a while, as I pass it by… now and then.  Kinda like hearing an old song. Another still frame in the visual soundtrack I call “me”. Hope it does the same for you or at the very least inspires you to create your own visual soundtrack to life. Someday, when I’m gone, “Sierra Love” will definitely be a long and pleasant chapter of my life I’m sure,  filled with harrowing escapes, pumpkin hugs, rainbow bliss, googly eyes, triumphant coffee plots and multi colored moonlit subplots and, by then I would hope, finally accompanied with moving pictures of the entire experience for later generations of light hunters and moon trackers to appreciate and feel inspired by. “And… End scene." -pacheco

Date: 10-04-2009
Time: 09:41:03 AM
Camera and lens info: S3.2 F22. 105MM

All Open Edition and Limited Edition prints are hand signed by the artist and presented on ultra 10mill Resin-Coated (RC) high gloss metallic photo paper coated with Epson Ultrachrome HDR pigment inks. Shipping and Tax is not included in price.

Only 25 prints will be made in the "LIMITED EDITION" size, with no exceptions. More details regarding limited edition prints can be found HERE.

Shipping rates for all Acrylic Face Mounted pieces are included in the list price. For local pickups, please email us for prices and details. Be sure to include "Print Title" and "Size" in your email. You should receive a quote within 24 hours.

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